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If you’re in the dedicated package, yes it will be 1:1 and if you’re in a broadband package. For example, If you are paying for the Broadband 5Mbps package, you will get as close to 5Mbps as possible. When running a speed test, your results will be measured in Mbps. When downloading files you will see your speed measured in bytes (MB/s), not bits (Mbps).
You can run a speed test here, please do a speed test when all other computers and devices are turned off
Issue a ping to your own PC/devices.devices to (google Public DNS). If this fails restart your PC/devices and try the failing operation again. 

How to?

– Check with someone else in the office/house if you are the only person having the problem you have already isolated it to your PC/device or its wiring.
– Restart your PC 90% of all problems disappear with this one act.
– Check the link LEDs on your PC LAN card (if it has any)
– Check your cabling and RJ45 connector
– If you’re on a wireless connection please disconnect and re-connect again to see if the problem still occurs

B. Now check your local network.
– Your PC/device is OK – someone else has the same problem.
– Ping to router gateway IP. If this fails we may have a problem with the local LAN or the router. how to? (link to PDF)
– Find your router and check its LEDs. If they are not normal remove and immediately replace the power connection or switch the unit OFF and then ON. then check whether the internet is back to normal after 30 seconds, if NOT please contact us.
– Go back to your PC/devices and retry to ping your local router and then repeat the failing operation.
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